Drvodjelac is one of the largest Croatian lumber mills and furniture producers. The company had an existing logo and wished to modernise it. You can see the old logo here . This re-alignment is followed by a redesign and more strictly enforced consistency in communication.

Studio Maraton

Vocal studio Maraton is a multi disciplinary musical school founded by Olja Desic, acclaimed Croatian singer and composer. The logo features a musical notation symbol with a modern twist.


Nourishing water and earth elements combine in this topographically discrete European region containing ecosystem that’s becoming more and more harder to preserve.

This combination of elements creates a form that’s unbreakable without losing it’s symbolic meaning; a figure of dragonfly, one of the fastest flying insects. This arch-nemesis of the mosquitoes is inseparable from the water which bears it’s young and the air on which it finds love.


Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency has formally commenced with work on February 2014.

The Agency acts as operational support to competent bodies in domain of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons and permanent geological storage of natural gas. Namely, the Agency participates in all activities related to tender procedure and issuance of exploitation permits, monitors investors in fulfillment of their contractual obligations, controls investor’s expenses, reports to European Commission.

The Agency is responsible for the collection and preparation of all documents that shall be presented to potential investors for their acquaintance with the hydrocarbon potentials in Croatia.


Interest. Identity. The conditions that need to be achieved before Croatian culture can be successfully promoted. Interest is the factor that awakens and maintains the communication channel, to use the natural affinity of the receiver, to evoke curiosity, to try and decipher the meaning of the message. That way, communicating parties become players in this game of discovery.

Identity in the case of national heritage isn’t an entity which is “made”, but rather “discovered”. this identity has sufficient strength to communicate that it is at the same time unique and a part of a greater whole.

So the connection is made, between historical graphemes, unique symbols of Croatian history and identity and modern Croatian language. The key is to visualise language, and here it is a bridge between two communicators, a connecting element which creates the letter “H”, the first letter of Croatian name (Hrvatska {Croatia}, Hrvati {Croats}).


The Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Economy redesign features a tesseract, a three dimensional projection of a four dimenisonal body. The realtionship of the "inner" cube towards the whole also establishes a few additional meanings like: heart (red center), engine or a product placed inside a container.


The recognisable illustration in the logo is the visualisation of two main characteristics of the island; this island is known as the Green Island because of very rich forest cover and the very shape of this southernmost island. The National Park includes the western part of the island. The symbol of the island is the pine “leaf” emerging from the sea.

Aditional symbol is the green bar, emerging from the familiar camera element.


Forms that are characteristic for this spectaculary beautiful part of Croatia are reduced to widen the meaning spectrum. Emphasis is made on the city symbols like the renaissance cathedral, spiral pattern from the hat, the sea waves and the “botun” (button) jewelry. The meaning contained in the logo are multiple, all of them part of the city.


Local distributor for a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer, SKF required a new logotype for their comapny. Ball. Bearings.

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