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Skyship Cove

"The skyship moored beside a dozen other, high above the clouds. The captain took a long glance at the wondrous city below, already dreading the deep feeling of disappointment once his feet touched a solid structure again. Given the diverse mix of their capitol's relatively modern architecture, enormous dwellings of glass, concrete and steel seem to be shaping the character of his least favorite sky port. It's not a lack of grandiosity but rather that of its missing human soul which gave this beautiful place a sense of unease."

Shuttle in orbit of Gliese 531c

Once the Einstein-Rosen Bridge was established with Gliese 531 huge construction fleet of previously decommisioned STS vehicles became essential in establishing permanent human presence in the system.

R U Immune 2?

"Desease came fast, what came after was much worse."

Valles Marineris

The canyons of Mars carved by some of the most violent floods in the Solar system novadays serve as a natural shelter for various human endeavorus on Mars. From maglev transportation system to shy terraforming attempts, draining huge amounts of water trapped in the regolith onto canyon floors where atmospheric pressure can maintain it in liquid state. Automated He-3 mining outposts litter the cliffs, always an easy target for a Red armed with a rocket launcher.


The first thing becoming visible once your eyes finally get adjusted to the distant spotlights are the enormous metallic structures rising out of the solid mountain walls, ceiling and ground. The dark, cold industrial shapes seem out of place in their earthy environment. Faded and worn down by humidity and hard labour.

Whether Barlangis is unfinished or has been demolished is hard to tell if one does not know its past.

Travelers might question the mysterious bond between man and nature but soon come to understand the necessity of their connection.

Only after spending enough time underground can one truly understand the meaning of sunlight and begin to miss the stars.

For the inhabitants of these complex labyrinth of poles and strings a seemingly never ending shift work pattern, in order to secure the very existence of their home, is just as much part of their everyday life as the daily mental recreation in-front of the television, enjoying one of the endless amount of available channels offered to Barlangis' citizens."

Monolithic Dogmatism

Hundred years into the future, mankind is forced to move it’s remaining population hubs into higher and higher terrain in an effort to escape the effects of the rising sea levels and encroaching decease bearing salt swamps.

High above any metropolises of the past, cities of this distopian future carve into mountains and megaliths as humanity desperately clings to old habits and patterns, now useful as the sunken dwellings from whence it came.

Final efforts to reverse the effects of climate change are starting, even as old divisions and dogmas remain.

Visit to the Ministry of Justice

April 30th, 1963.

The Ministry of Justice, like a lot of public buildings of the Reich, was deliberately designed to minimize the importance of the individual, whether that individual was a Tosevite or belonged to the Race...

"They not know the Emperor, so they have to build like this," Veffani said when Felles remarked the style. "They hope false splendor will make their not-emperor and his minions seem impressive to their subjects as generations of tradition has made the Emperor seem to us"

-excerpt from the "Colonization" by Harry Turtledove

European Weather Control station 17 @

Late 21st century brought sufficient technological advancement for the EcoSys restoration project to commence. Unfortunately, for most of the terrestrial biota it was already too late.

Combine returning to base

Concept art inspired by Valve software's Half-Life universe.

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SkyShip Cove Barlangis Monolithic Dogmatism Visit to the Ministry of Justice EWC Station 17 Combine returning to base