This is an illustrated concept is the answer to German client question on how to effectively access the freshly graduated Croatian programmer workforce pools specialised in programming languages for Android.

The visuals speak the language of the target audience and the subsequent applications like energy drink cans, wall posters and magnetic stickers, t-shirts of the visual are also very familiar to the target audience.

Croatian Ski Federation

Concept illustration done featuring Ivica Kostelic bursting trough all obstacles. The visual is used on CSFs marketing offers over the season and that supplemented nicely with Mr. Kostelic’ numerous sporting achievements during that and previous year

HNS - Croatian People’s Party

Croatian People’s Party commissioned several poster featuring prominent leaders. This particular work earned it’s place in this portfolio, primarily because it had to avoid the mistakes of the previous one, where the retouching was very obvious and became rather famous nationally, so the job required a very subtle, yet effective, re-touch of the phot. The person on the feature image, Vesna Pusic, is currently serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Croatian government.


Ytong, an aerated concrete is a German company Xella product. One of the strongest brands in the building materials market, that has long been a guarantee for the best thermal insulation and solid quality, also numbers among the premium group of top German products. The Croatian market creative campaign featured three basic properties that are comparative advantage of the product (fire insulation, quake resistance and excellent insulation properties.

Froddo Fairy & Soft

specialised product lines of products, one for girls: soft and light boots and ultra-soft baby shoes made especially for babies that don’t even walk yet.

Fairy is made to be appealing to pre teen girls, visible in poorly lit and often crowded POS environments -and still maintain the look of a premium product that it is.

Soft line talks to the audience that, during the time of product consumption lacks the comprehension required to grasp at stuff like money, shoes, health and design. Thus, the need to speak directly to their, sometimes adult, guardians.

Froddo Head to toe

Froddo is a familiar brand of high quality Croatian-made kids shoes manufactured locally from licenced Italian designs. My first actual Froddo advertising campaign featured a slogan “You, from head to toe”, or, as it was presented in familiar Croatian phrase-with-a-twist: “Svoj od gave do pete”. Features pre teen kids which express their strong individuality by being themselves, connecting unique character (associated with “head”) with shoes (“toes”).

Two main seasons visuals are used in the campaign spring-summer and autumn-winter both featuring prominent kid portraits with rather stylish hairdos or hats.


Crikvenica tourist board yearly holds the locally famous and tourist favourite Fisherman’s week; an end-of-the-season event’s during the last days of the summer.

Main features include free fried fish delicacies, wine and beer in generous quantities in combination with folk pop music entreatment. This visual was done with the generous help of the number 43 being the centered heptagonal number (well i guess those Mathematics did pay off in the end).

Froddo Perfect Pair

Second campaign in a row, this time, using a “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” style of combining hand drawn elements with fashion photography of kids. The slogan is used in English language since the company successfully expanded to EU, US and Australian market.

The meaning of the slogan is ambiguous, refering both to the shoes and to the pair: child and animated character.

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